Characteristic of an Exceptional Leader

I’ve been a fan of Steven Covey since I first read his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. His explanation of the four quadrants of time management and the choices we make in how we spend our time has long been a tenet of my leadership beliefs. I am a firm believer in Quadrant 2! For those who have not had the pleasure to read the book, or his book First Things First, I strongly suggest that studying Dr. Covey is a leadership staple. I have found that the very best leaders focus on behaviors that are important, but not urgent. Covey lists examples of activities in each quadrant.

Covey Quadrants

As you can see, focusing on behaviors that are in “Quadrant 2” are preferred.  What activites will you do today and tomorrow that are Quadrant 2 activities?

I believe that the very best leaders build a climate of cooperation and a strong culture of shared beliefs.  How do they do it?  They spend plenty of time in Quadrant 2.

Attached is an eight day audit.  Download the document and track your activities for the next eight work days and see where you spend your time.  Good luck!

Covey Quadrants Audit

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I am a proud public school teacher who serves as a district administrator supporting all aspects of leadership and learning.

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