R and D = Research and Development (a.k.a. Rip off and Duplicate)

I have just finished a day visiting three members of IPLI’s group 7 and we are about to meet as a full group for dinner at Northview High School compliments of Ernie Simpson. Plans to visit the other three members of our group have been made for tomorrow and next week.

In visiting the three schools today, one middle, one elementary, and one high school, I found excellent exemplar leaders. I am impressed that each have embraced the Friday Focus concept and are excited to move forward with the 10 Minute Inservice that was presented at the July session of the Indiana Principal Leadership Institute. Way to go gang!

As I reflect on my visits today, I am thinking of all of the wonderful opportunities I have had to learn from these great leaders. They are committed and passionate about their school and shared many practices that they do that are simply wonderful. I ask myself, why don’t more school leaders visit colleagues more often?

While it is probable that my school corporation will not duplicate programs that I’ve hear about today, it is safe to say that much of what I was exposed to has further developed my thinking to a degree that I can’t help but include some of these great ideas when we formulate our own in the future. My only fear is that I’ll forget something…thank God for OneNote!

Networking…networking…networking…can’t seem to get enough of it!

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I am a proud public school teacher who serves as a district administrator supporting all aspects of leadership and learning.

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