To the Hoosier Daddy Rifle & Pistol Team (Click for link to team website)


I want to take a moment to share not only how impressed I am with everyone, but also how proud I am to be a part of the Hoosier Daddy Rifle & Pistol team.

First, I want to celebrate the OUTSTANDING performance our athletes turned in for this competition.  While the SHOT system is a bit messed up, you can see that our kids shot great times from top to bottom!  Those times propelled the HDRPT to the top in our state competition.  Team, you absolutely rocked!

Second, I want to share how humbled I am to serve as our team’s head coach.  I get asked a few times (not by my family) why I choose to serve our team, and I typically answer how much I enjoy it and how much teaching a competitive youth shooting team means to me.  It is a sport that I enjoy and at heart…and I will always be a teacher.

About midway through this season, my personal reflections, as well as those with Wyatt driving to and from some shooting event, have found me thinking some additional thoughts.  I’ve always said that the quality of people (parents and athletes) on our team is very high, but I’ve begun to discover that the 2018 HDRPT is quite special.  You see, I’ve been in the “scholastic” business for my most of my life serving as an instructor, teacher, and administrator for over 31 years.  During my life, I have coached athletic teams as well as directed state and national championship marching bands.  The groups I have been associated with have meant more to me than I can say.

My thoughts about the 2018 HDRPT are those of respect, admiration, and recognizing wonderful people assembled into something we call a team.  A team can simply be a group of people coming together for a common purpose, which is certainly what we do, but teamwork is something entirely different.  What I saw this weekend, as well as what I started seeing a few weeks ago, is that we have a very strong team for two reasons.  One, we have GREAT people on our team.  Two, we display great TEAMWORK.

The consideration that we show each other, both during practices and at competitions, is amazing to watch.  Helping when you can, stepping out of the way when you need to, and being a positive support for others is something I’ve been seeing all season.  What I saw this weekend is simply astounding.  Our work to host this large competition was grueling…and it would have been even if it were 20 degrees cooler!  Of course, some had more energy to give than others, but everyone did their part and worked hard every chance they had.  I can point out many individuals, both athletes and parents, who went above and beyond, but what I saw was people using their individual talents and energy to work together as a team.  What I saw was phenomenal teamwork.

Why do we do this work…it’s hard both physically and mentally.  Yes, we do it for the kids.  We take on hosting this event because our team can participate in many other events hosted by others…doing the grueling work for us.  While I am learning better ways to host our state match, and finding opportunities to make it easier, please know that our state match is serving as the model for all other SASP matches.  It is the hope of the national leaders that as early as next year, the Indiana format will be used when hosting nationals and many other state and regional SASP competitions.

An additional benefit, one that even our HDRPT board doesn’t know, is that our team will profit over $1,000 from hosting this event.  Yes, if we all got jobs and worked at McDonalds for the weekend, we could have made our team more money, but it would have been “Would you like fries with that?” instead of “Load and make ready!”  which is much more fun!

I write this to share how much I appreciate you putting the “work” into teamwork this weekend.  You were all simply amazing and I am extremely proud to be a part of the 2018 Hoosier Daddy Rifle & Pistol Team.  Let’s give em’ heck in Michigan and at Nationals!

Coach Jack

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